These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (About Japan)

Hey guys! I recently returned from Japan ($250 roundtrip ticket, Scoot airlines OMG) and I just can't get over how incredible (and extra) it is. Here are some of my favorite things about Japan.

1. The mini "one cup" sakes for 100 yen


2. The employee outfits, the white gloves and top hats may not be necessary but are very appreciated.  


3. The starbucks coldbrew with a citrus/apple goop at the bottom. I may have been the only one who liked it but I couldn't get enough of the weird combo - got one every day! 


4. How everybody minds their own business on the subway. 


5. The fashion. Don't try and understand it, just embrace it. 


6. How extra they are with their pets.


7. The vending machines (even if it's just for 2 types of sake or some canned cat food/toys...I think that's cat food, not quite sure!)


8. The casual exploitation of men (that hairspray tho.)  


9. How the bars close at 5am, none of that 2am nonsense. 


10. How you can play with animals and drink beer at the same time.


11. The plastic food with the prices clearly displayed, why can't they do this everywhere...


12. Samples. I love me some samples.


13. The matcha ice cream WITH the chocolate cone... if you haven't tried it with the chocolate cone don't talk to me. 


14. How the cocktails have accessories (I should have asked if I could keep that... would have been perfect for Biscuit.) 


15. Even the (few) trash cans are cute. Pastels = life. 


16. The overall extra-ness, they just go above and beyond.

Sophia Kennedy
Pink Tie Ball 2018

I had the honor of attending and dj-ing the Pink Tie Ball this year, not only was it incredibly beautiful with pink hues lighting the event but my dear friend Christa aka Supercw was the guest speaker. Her speech went in to telling her story about her uphill battle with cancer and her current film project about her journey. Her speech reached so deeply into the hearts of the audience, she had everyone in a trance! The audience stood up clapping wildly after her talk came to a close and I got to set the vibe shortly after! It great to play all kinds of upbeat girl songs (Aretha, Whitney, Janet) and I could not have been happier setting the vibe for such a fun group of people. It was a unforgettable evening that I will never forget! Thank you Susan G Komen team for having me! 

Sophia Kennedy
Lululemon x Red Bull Silent Disco Yoga

This past Friday I had the honor of dj-ing on the North Shore for a Lululemon and Red Bull silent disco collaboration. It was pretty surreal to be right across from the Volcom Pipe Pro which was in full swing! It was a wonderful evening with great food, people and yoga. I made a playlist of all the songs I played during the flow - here they are! 

Sophia Kennedy
Another Great NYE at Sheraton Waikiki!
RumFire & Sheraton Waikiki Presents : SEVEN KINGDOMS NYE 2018 🎥: Todd Lagoon SPARK CO. VISUALS Song: Fat Joe & Remy Ma - "ALL THE WAY UP" (We do not own the rights to this song for promotional use only.)
Sophia Kennedy
Hello, hello!

Hi guys, I wanted to start a blog to share musical finds, talk story and ramble this and that. For my first post I present to you a photo of my bunny named Biscuit and a rad song. Enjoy XO, JEM!

Sophia Kennedy